Advantages of Bamboo Flooring 

When it comes to buying new hardwood floor for your home, it is often difficult to make a final decision. So many options exist these days, and you want to be sure that your new floor covering not only looks great, but is also durable enough for the living environment. A great flooring option is bamboo. Bamboo flooring is becoming a popular choice, and for good reason. It offers many benefits that other types of flooring just can't deliver.

The Bamboo Advantage

If you're looking to update the look in your home, bamboo flooring is a great choice for several reasons.

It's durable and resilient. Bamboo is just as durable as most hardwoods. Un-carbonized and strand-woven bamboo flooring may be even harder. You don't have to worry about scratching, denting or otherwise damaging this type of flooring, as dropped furniture and the like simply bounce right off.

It's water resistant. If you consider where bamboo grows, you'll understand its water-resistant properties. This type of flooring is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where moisture content is usually high.

It's a rapidly renewing resource. Most hardwood trees take 20 years or more to reach maturity. Bamboo, on the other hand, reaches maturity in as little as 3 to 5 years. As such, it can be harvested more often, and has less impact on the environment when it is.

It's versatile and stylish. Bamboo comes in a variety of colors to coordinate with any room's decor. It has a look similar to hardwood flooring, but also has distinct ends and knots that give it a unique look all its own. Anywhere you'd put hardwood flooring in your house, bamboo flooring works well too.

It's easy to maintain. Bamboo flooring requires no special upkeep or cleaning aside from regular sweeping/vacuuming and mopping with mild soap. Spills wipe right off, and there is no need to apply any types of sealant as is necessary with hardwoods.

It's competitively priced. With all of these benefits, you'd expect to pay more for bamboo flooring. The good news is that it costs about the same as hardwood flooring. When you choose bamboo as your new floor covering you'll soon discover the benefits far outweigh its cost.