Carpet Types

Information on the different types of carpet to consider for your lifestyle.

What are the Different Types of Carpet?

Year after year the most popular flooring option continues to be carpet. Carpet’s ability to come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures allow it to adapt to any space. With so many purchasing possibilities, carpet selections can be overwhelming. Allow us at Johnson Carpet One to take you through what to look for when making your carpet purchase.

When shopping for homes, the most common type of carpet is cut pile. Cut pile is made of yarns that are cut at the ends. The soft feel of a cut pile allows it to attract a variety of customers. When considering cut pile carpets there are five different styles to be aware of: velvet, Saxony, frieze, shag, and cable. These five options can adapt to any kid’s room, or formal dining room.  The major difference between the different types of styles is the amount of twists in the yarn. The twists will help determine the overall durability of the carpet. If you are looking for a carpet that is resistance to wear, yet also provides that more casual, textured look, then the Saxony type may be right for you.  Perhaps you want a carpet that holds up well in rooms with heavy foot traffic? If so, the frieze style may be the carpet for you.

If you are looking for something to hold-up in an office setting, then loop pile carpet is right for you. Loop pile carpet is the perfect carpet for heavy traffic areas. The excellent durability that loop pile carpet has allows it to be strong and excellent at hiding soil. This allows the carpet to be much easier to maintain.  

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