Cork Flooring

Information on one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options.

Cork Flooring

If you are putting in new flooring in your home or office, consider using cork flooring to give your room a unique look and feel. Here are some of the many reasons cork is growing in popularity as a flooring choice:

Eco-friendly. Cork used in flooring is harvested from the bark trees in such a way that the trees themselves are not harmed. Cork oak trees live for hundreds of years, and cork can be harvested many times over a typical tree's lifespan with little to no negative environmental impact.

Healthy. Cork flooring is naturally resistant to mildew and mold, is anti-microbial and even resistant to termites. Unlike carpeting, which traps dirt and debris and can shed its microfibers, cork flooring is a healthier option for improved air quality in your home or office.

Comfort. Cork is a comfortable choice because of its natural "give", providing almost a cushioned surface under your feet. Cork also serves to naturally insulate a room and its natural acoustic qualities can help keep noise levels down.

Durable. One of the longest-lasting flooring options available, cork naturally resists spills and stains, and even heavy furniture will not leave a long-lasting impact, as cork will bounce back.

Fire-resistant. Because it burns only at very high temperatures, cork flooring is very safe. When it does melt or burn, very few toxins are released compared to other types of flooring.Options. 

Cork flooring is available in planks or tiles in many sizes and shapes, so you can create your own look. Pigments are added to the materials during manufacturing to create different types of patterns, and different colored cork tiles and planks. There are two types of finishes widely available: water-based finishes are more eco-friendly; and polyurethane or acrylic finishes which may provide better protection for the flooring.

Cork flooring provides a beautiful, unique, neutral look in any room, inside or even outside your house. To learn more and explore cork flooring options in more detail, contact us or visit Johnson Carpet One today!

Cork Flooring - Duluth, MN