Nothing can beat the natural beauty of hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

When you consider hardwood flooring for you home, you probably envision a solid swath of wood spanning many of your home's rooms. Well, it does not have to be that way. In fact, hardwood flooring is one of the most versatile design products on the market. 

The Argument for Engineered Hardwood

Traditional wood flooring has the potential to last for a long time if it is properly installed and maintained. However, one of the problems with wood flooring is that it tends to shrink as it dries. That shrinkage leaves gaps between each board that can reduce the floors energy efficiency and cause excessive squeaking. One of the greatest benefits of a wood floor is that it works beautifully as a natural form of insulation. Not so if it is not properly maintained. That is where engineered flooring comes into play. Its benefit is that it holds its shape well, and that means homeowners can benefit from the increase in energy efficiency. 

Wood flooring as a Design Element

One of the keys to beautiful homes is a well thought out design. The beautiful thing about flooring is that many flooring elements work well together. Imagine Italian marble that blends into a wood floor. Imagine using different types of wood to create a mosaic effect in a larger living room. Imagine using wood flooring to define rooms or to create natural walkways within your home. The possibilities are endless and the results are stunning. Wood flooring mixes well with natural stone, carpeting, and tile. 

The Advantage of Wood Flooring

The advantage of using wood for flooring is that can be stained. As such, it becomes a design medium that is easily matched. Consider adding the same color palate to molding, doors, and trim. With other types of flooring, you may have to settle for colors that complement, not match. That makes cohesion in your design a little more difficult. 

The fact that you can change the color of the wood is big when it comes to design. This allows you to make smaller rooms seem larger simply by using a lighter color. Playing with the color also allows you to create depth and flow. 

Anyway that you stack it, hardwood flooring offers many advantages. For more information on hardwood flooring, visit Johnson Carpet One today to meet with a member of our courteous and professional staff.

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