Hardwood Maintenance

Information on how to properly care and maintain your hardwood floors.

Tips for Hardwood Maintenance

There's no doubt hardwood requires some extra attention on your part, but you will see the value of your efforts when you look at (and walk around on) a gleaming floor. The good news is that the care is manageable. We'll give you a few tips for a better-looking floor, so you'll be able to enjoy it longer, both for yourself and for potential homebuyers down the road.

A Truly Unique Piece

No piece of wood is the same, so no hardwood floor is the same. Yours has defining characteristics, from knots to mineral streaks, that make it special. It's also somewhat subject to where you live, as humidity or climate changes can either shrink or expand the wood. If at all possible, you should be aiming to keep your rooms at between 30 and 50% humidity and the interior temperature between 60 and 80° F. Hardwood care is all about just knowing a few simple rules before you get started. 

Tips to clean hardwood flooring

Don't clean with steam or water, as water can be damaging to the wood's finish. If you vacuum, do not use the beater bar head on the floors. Use products specifically recommended by the manufacturer and guideline with your warranty. You will think that your hardwood floor is built to attract dust, but it's just easier to see and feel the grit on hardwood as opposed to other types of flooring (e.g., carpets, tile, etc.) Area rugs at the doorways can actually do a lot to decrease the buildup. Put protective shields on the chair and table legs so they don't scratch your floor, and avoid wearing high heels when walking on it. 

Hardwood Maintenance - Duluth, MN