Invincible LVT

A premium flooring option for your lifestyle.

Invincible Luxury Vinyl Flooring

If a homeowner is looking for a flooring option that is not only durable, but also affordable and very stylish, then luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, should definitely be up for consideration. The Invincible LVT collection highlights just how versatile and functional LVT flooring can be within your lifestyle. It is hard not to appreciate the Invincible LVT line immediately after use.

When going with Invincible LVT flooring, you can have the assurance knowing that your floor is designed to battle the toughest of enemies. This product is created with a transparent wear layer that has extra Polyurethane to help support it with the extra protection it needs in busy homes. Scuffs, dirt, and scratches will have a much more difficult time causing harm when up against Invincible LVT.

The design also allows this flooring option to adapt to any environment. This makes Invincible LVT an ideal spot for wet and damp areas. The patented MoistureLoc technique allows for the tiles to be sealed with the tightest joint; preventing spills and dirt from getting in the cracks. Regular maintenance is that much easier now!

Installation is also a breeze with the Invincible LVT line. The line is installed with the Unlin click system. Why does this matter? It means you are able to enjoy your new floors that much quicker after instillation!

For more information on the Invincible LVT line, or any of our other flooring options, please visit Johnson Carpet One today! Our dedicated and professional staff is excited to work with you!

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