At Johnson Carpet One Floor & Home, we provide our clients with the best options and are often exclusive brands like the Tigressà Collection. Now you can install carpet with confidence that it will not only last many years to come but it offers great warranties, prevent stains and is waterproof yet is beautiful AND comfortable!

Science of Soft Carpet discusses all the essential materials that is important to consider when you're looking for quality carpet. We strive to offer not just great products but help educate you so you can find the best carpet that fits you and your family's lifestyle.

Tigressà Selection

Tigressà SoftStyle

Unlike ordinary carpet, Tigressà SoftStyle is softer, stronger, and beautiful with many different style options. What makes Tigressà SoftStyle such a well-rounded carpet is the price and the quality. It is composed of high-tensile denier nylon filaments and the fibers are super fine leaving you with an ultra-soft feel with added wear resistance plus it is 100% recyclable. You can feel confident in a household of active pets and children!

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Tigressa Cherish Carpet

Tigressà Cherish

Amidst our Tigressà collection lies Tigressà Cherish, a versatile carpet that fits into any home and the SUPER SOFT extension to SoftStyle. Just like SoftStyle, it is composed of super fine high-tensile filaments; however, it has more fibers per square inch which spreads out daily wear and spills year after year. Additionally, our innovative yarn technology results in lucuriously smooth softeness and richer, longer lasting color while still remaining 100% recyclable. 

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Tigressà H20

Tigressà H20 is the most durable out of the Tigressà collection known as the waterproof, kid proof and pet proof extension. It is engineered with 100% thermoplastic commercial backing that prevents liquids and spills from leaking through to the carpet cushion. This carpet line is designed for young, active families making maintenance a breeze and can be made into new carpet due to its recyclable qualities.

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