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Custom Area Rugs

Area Rugs Guide

As hard surface flooring options continue to be a popular flooring option for residential homes, area rugs have become a more common addition. Although you may not want to cover up your beautiful hardwood, luxury vinyl, or tile flooring, and area rug can feature many added benefits. At Johnson Carpet One Floor & Home we can help you find the perfect area rug for your home. The most obvious reason to have an area rug in your home is for the look. Area rugs can bring together all of the elements of a room, and their benefits extend beyond that.



Area Rugs for Your Home

There is more to an area rug than just how it looks. They feature many different functions; one of them includes noise reduction. Not only does it make your footsteps quieter, but also helps to make the room itself more quiet and muffle and room that echo’s. Area rugs are also more comfortable to walk on compared to hard surface flooring. Not only is it softer to the touch, but that softness also gives flexibility where the rug absorbs the impact from your footsteps. They also add warmth to your home. If we know anything, we know how cold the winters can get here in Duluth.


When properly placed, an area rug can anchor the furniture in your room and create a cozy entertaining space. In your living room and area rug should be large enough that your sofa, loveseat, and coffee table are all either sitting or have their front legs on the rug. Area rugs can even have a positive effect on those who suffer from allergies. Numerous studies show that rug fibers can trap allergens so you are not breathing them in. If you have no rugs in your home and suffer from allergies, try adding an area rug to see if there is a difference.


If you are interested in learning more about area rugs, stop by our showroom in Duluth, MN and speak with a flooring professional.

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