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Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen Flooring

You spend a good amount of time at home in your kitchen. It is where you begin your day, spend time with family, and hang out with friends. If you are looking to spruce up your space, then consider installing a new kitchen floor. Fortunately, the kitchen flooring experts at Johnson Carpet One Floor & Home can help you! We carry a wide selection of flooring that is perfect for kitchens. The best kitchen floor is one that is resistant to heat, moisture and is comfortable to stand on while cooking a meal. We believe homeowners should love the way their kitchen floors look.



Luxury Vinyl in Kitchens

Although it is not a new flooring option, homeowners are beginning to discover how great of a kitchen floor luxury vinyl makes. Don’t worry though, it is not the same vinyl from your grandmother’s 70’s style kitchen. Today, luxury vinyl planks and tiles are made to look and feel just like real wood or tile flooring. Due to their construction, they are more comfortable to stand on and more durable compared to most natural floors. These planks and tiles are available in different installation options such as floating floors and click lock. They are easy to clean and come in pet-friendly options.



Best Tile Floors for Kitchens

Tile flooring continues to be a classic choice in flooring for kitchens. Its universal design and easy maintenance make it a favorite among homeowners. When you install tile flooring in your kitchen, you'll enjoy a waterproof surface that can be cleaned with ease. Occasional sweeping and mopping will help to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt and help to keep your floors clean. This is exactly the type of low-maintenance flooring you need for a heavily-trafficked kitchen. You can make your tile floors even more comfortable by adding a radiant heating system! Keep your toes warm and cozy on your beautiful tile floors.

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