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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Store in Duluth, MN

Luxury vinyl flooring is, quite possibly, the most popular flooring product of our times, and for many compelling reasons. At Johnson Carpet One Floor & Home in Duluth, MN, we’re proud to be the area’s leading luxury vinyl experts and can help you make the best decisions for you and your family.


Affordable, low-maintenance, and seriously stylish, luxury vinyl flooring is an innovative synthetic family that’s renowned for its convincing textures and visuals. It’s made to handle everyday challenges with ease, while holding its beauty as time passes. Considering luxury vinyl for your upcoming installation? Here are a few things we think you should know.




Luxury Vinyl Flooring Benefits

A bold and beautiful floor designed to do more, luxury vinyl flooring is engineered for endurance. Carefully composed in durable layers, luxury vinyl flooring frequently boasts a waterproof core for added moisture-resistance. In fact, it’s one of the best waterproof flooring options out there.  Its realistic visuals are inspired by natural hardwood and stone, while its clear, protective top coat resists scratches, dents, and stains.




Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Today, there are hundreds of different luxury vinyl flooring options, with some of the most popular products including luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, and sheet vinyl. Plank and tile are praised for their endless customization options and their ability to mimic other types of hard-surfaces, minus the added hassles. Sheet vinyl flooring, a favorite of property managers everywhere, is incredibly affordable, yet easy on the eyes.


Unlike sheet vinyl, vinyl tiles come in square and rectangular pieces that are installed individually, just like real wood planks and tiles. In comparison to real tiling, LVT flooring is more chip and crack-resistant. Luxury vinyl planks come in the form of long planks and feature beautiful wood looks but are cheaper than natural hardwood. They’re also simpler to install, repair, and replace. LVP flooring is often more scratch-resistant, making it a good choice for pet-friendly homes. Unlike real wood, vinyl planks won’t warp or swell in humid and moisture-prone environments.



Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

Although virtually all types of luxury vinyl flooring are made to resist a fair degree of moisture, many varieties take this even further. Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring calls on several “secret weapons” to combat heavy spills and splashes. A strong underlayment protects your subfloor from lingering moisture, mold, and mildew, while a watertight core offers added reassurance. Waterproof vinyl floors are also equipped with a fast-drying, water-repellent surface that’s wear and stain-resistant. Choose a waterproof variety of luxury vinyl for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, or any space frequented by kids and pets.




Where to Install Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

The short answer is that luxury vinyl flooring can be enjoyed anywhere under the roof, making it a favorite of homeowners and business owners alike. Whether you prefer a plank that looks like polished pine, or a tile that looks like gleaming marble, there are many incredible options to accentuate your style and space, while fulfilling all of your functional needs. Luxury vinyl’s resilient qualities make it the perfect floor for kitchens and bathrooms.




Luxury Vinyl Installation Methods

There are several different installation options you can choose from depending on the product or brand you choose. Modern luxury vinyl is known for how easy it is to install. For example, many luxury vinyl plank options come in floating floor installation options. A floating floor is where the planks fit together like a puzzle piece without any adhesive to the subfloor. Floating floors are very popular because they are quick to install and you can walk on them the same day.


You can also choose to go the more traditional installation route with the glue down method. Most luxury vinyl planks and tile can be glued down to the subfloor. This creates a permanent bond so your floors will not shift when walked on.



Our Luxury Vinyl Flooring Selection

With one of greater Duluth’s most comprehensive inventories of luxury vinyl flooring, let us be your first and last stop for smarter ways to floor. As part of Carpet One Floor & Home, which is the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative, we offer up incredible variety, venerable purchasing power, and localized services. We offer up some of the industry’s hottest luxury vinyl brands, including product lines you won’t find anywhere else. To learn more about luxury vinyl flooring, or to inquire about our products and brands, call us today or visit us soon at 5611 Grand Avenue in Duluth, MN.




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